camille   November 29, 2007   No Comments on Christmas!

“I am in a tight financial situation this Christmas as we had a ridiculous amount of unexpected expenses. I don’t want the kids to go without this Christmas but do not know what to do?”

First of all if your children are old enough to understand, you could explain things to them. If they are too young to understand then they probably have not yet understood the concept of our commercial Christmases.

However, if you really cannot face not buying Christmas presents for the children, you could always try getting an Unsecured Line of Credit. These tend to be easy and fast to get. However they are best suited for a short term loan rather than long term. Only take out the loan if you really feel that you can afford to pay it back.

Remember there are things you can make and do that cost practically nothing and will not detract from the joy of Christmas.

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