camille   August 2, 2008   No Comments on Dieting

I thought I would write a short note about dieting. Most of us at some point or other try dieting. A good percentage actually give up within a few days. The question is why does this happen and what can we do to minimise this?

First of all, after a few days of reducing food intake, your body starts trying to conserve energy and protects itself. This does mean that we do feel a bit lethargic and often feel a bit depressed. Chocolate immediate alleviates this, but it means we lose our diet plan.

The thing to do is to ensure that we do not feel hungry. This can be achieved by drinking our 8 glasses of water or more and eating lots of low fat food such as raw / steamed / boiled vegetables. Then to include a little of what we fancy. A 2 fingered kitkat for example is only around 100 calories. So we can have our kitkat and eat it!!

And last but not least, always keep in mind your goal. I do promise that after a few days of sticking to a diet, you do see results. Your energy levels go up too. And losing weight, well, it is incentive enough to continue. If you manage the first few days… you will succeed.

And most importantly – GOOD LUCK!!

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