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“I think my child is gifted. She seems so much more capable than her friends her age. I think she is really intelligent. Is there anyway I can confirm this? What can I do for her?”.

First of all, have a word with her school teachers. They can give you feedback which will help confirm your suspicions.

Intelligence is measured as Intelligence Quotient. The average IQ score being around 100. You can find out your child’s score by her sitting for some standardised tests. However, most tests are aimed at adults and it is harder to be accurate with children’s scores. This is not to say that you cannot get a score, but it can fluctuate according to your child’s experiences to date.

Gifted people in the 98th Percentile can join MENSA.

However, even if your daughter does not reach the 98th percentile, she can still be gifted. Encouraging her to read and do things will help her, both now and in the future. Finding time to spend with her and answering all her questions will also help her tremendously.

Good Luck

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