Baby Issues

camille   October 28, 2007   No Comments on Baby Issues

“My son is 2 and still is not talking. My neighbours daughter who is just 18 months can say several words. I am worried that he is retarded. Who should I take him to?”

I would like to point out that children progress at different speeds. Some children will have the gift of the gab and others will take some time before they utter their first words. Girls also tend to speak earlier than boys.

Children start by babbling. They are sounds rather than words. If your son is not even doing this, you should take him to your health visitor or GP to have him checked out. This still does not mean that your child is retarded. He could have other issues such as glue ear or perhaps more simply he is a quiet and pensive child. It is not unheard of children taking their time to speak and immediately starting with full sentences.

However do speak to your health visitor to put your mind at rest that all is fine with your son.

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