Breast Size

camille   April 8, 2008   No Comments on Breast Size

You would be surprised at how many people are unhappy with their breast size. It all stems from the media and their idea of perfect. If the media had their way, We would all be size 00, tall leggy blondes with pert perfect breasts in a size 34DD.

Breast size really can range from completely flat chested to back achingly big. No matter what size someone is, their breasts will fall into one of the categories of too big / too small / too droopy / too unnatural / etc.

In fact most breasts are not even equally sized. Often the difference is minimal but sometimes the difference could be a couple of cup sizes or more.

The truth is that nature intended breasts for feeding infants, and no matter what natural size you are… you will be able to breast feed. Breasts also keep changing over time. And as for the talk of men prefering bigger breasts to small ones… that is all it is… talk. Men are simply happy with breasts, no matter the size.

It is not easy to learn to love our bodies with all the media portrays but by learning to accept our bodies and learning to love our bodies, it will make us enjoy our bodies more. It will in turn lead us to leading a happier life.

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