Safe Sex

camille   May 5, 2008   No Comments on Safe Sex

In my work I have been shocked by how many people practise unsafe sex. Let me not talk about the psychology of unsafe sex because I can write a book on that rather than a short post. The point about unsafe sex is that it is, simply put – UNSAFE!

Ok so what exactly is unsafe in unsafe sex:-

  • The most obvious side effect is – Pregnancy
  • The most common side effect are STD’s – Sexually Transmitted Diseases including but not limited to Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Crabs, HIV etc
  • Other effects include infections, lack of peace of mind and even xxx

So what do you need to do to practise safe sex? You can abstain from sex which is the most effective, though I do understand that this is impracticable. The next best thing is to use a condom as this is the most effective way to have safe sex.


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