Is it Safe?

camille   August 20, 2008   No Comments on Is it Safe?

“I was told that it is safe to have sex if I have never had a period yet as it means that I cannot get pregnant. Is this true?”

Technically speaking, not having a menstrual cycle (period) means that you are not ovulating, which technically speaking means that you cannot conceive.

However, and this is the important factor… people have a menstrual cycle after ovulation. Therefore you can first ovulate without having yet had a period and can conceive before ever having a period.

So although if you do not menstruate, you are not ovulating therefore cannot conceive, you do not know when your first cycle / ovulation will happen, and therefore you may still get pregnant even if you have not had a period to date.

The only ways to prevent pregnancy are abstention (100% safe) or using contraceptives (up to 99.9% safe if used accurately). 

On another note…. if you have not yet had a period, do you really think that you are mature enough to be having sex?

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