What should I do?

camille   August 8, 2008   No Comments on What should I do?

“I thought I would fail my exams, but I didn’t. Now I don’t know what to do, as it would mean having to waste a year because I did not apply for uni! Should I just give up?”.

First of all, giving up is never an option. Even if you do not get in to University this year, you can always take a gap year and gain invaluable experience. However, it is not too late because you can still apply at some Universities with what they call the clearing system. The University of Bedfordshire Clearing 2008 starts on the 14th August and that means that you can apply with them to start university this year. Clearing is when Universities check what places are still available as some people may have been offered places at multiple Universities. So you still have the chance to do something about it.

Good Luck and congratulations on your exam results.


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