Baby Blues

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“My husband and I have been married a few years. We have been trying to have a baby for a few months but so far no success. Our doctor has told us we must try for 2 years before he can refer us for further treatment, but I want a baby now!”

We do live in a world where we want something and we want it now!! Unfortunately not everything works that way. I do know that saying stop thinking about is absolutely useless, so I won’t say it. However, if you can try to not stress too much, that will help your cause. Stress is known to be one of the biggest inhibitors of pregnancy. (Just in case anyone goes off at a tangent – Stress is not a contraceptive!!)

One of the best ways to beat stress regarding having a baby, is by being proactive. Although doctors do recommend waiting 2 years if you are under 30 before having any tests, there is a lot you can do. The reason doctors say that is because 80% of people will be pregnant by the end of the first year. I would suggest getting a second opinion on getting treatment if you are over 35 or if you do not have periods or if you have any medical problems.

So what can you do to enhance getting pregnant? Here are our suggestions on how to get pregnant fast:-

  • Both- Eat right – eating healthy food keeps you healthy and your body needs to be at its optimum
  • Men – don’t have hot baths – it lowers sperm counts
  • Both – Take Vitamins
  • Both – Don’t drink coffee and caffeine drinks
  • Both – Have sex! Sounds silly but you would be surprised how the pressure of conceiving reduces how much sex you have.
  • Women – Take Folic Acid
  • Women – Chart Yourself to find out the best time to get pregnant
  • Women – keep your body weight under a BMI of 30

These are just some things you can do to encourage fertility. Obviously not limited to just the above, but a good starting point.

I would also read up about infertility as much as possible. Infertility is such a specialised area, you would be far better off reading a site dedicated to infertility. Child Wish is a great site to start with as it explains all about enhancing your chances of success which is based on using 2 natural products and timing your intercourse to increase your chances.

Meanwhile, enjoy the trying and don’t let it consume your life or let it become a chore!!

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