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camille   October 21, 2008   1 Comment on Boys Conversation

“When my boyfriend meets up with his friends¬†I keep being ignored. When they are around they are always talking about things like Yamaha rhino parts, racing, bikes, sports and so on. Yet when he joins my friends he always grumbles. I am getting really irritated. Any suggestions?”

Glad to hear it is not a serious issue, especially if this is your only problem. A couple of suggestions include :-

  • Have your mates days on the same day – both sets together should give a better balanced conversation.
  • You meet your friends while he meets his friends on the same day and neither of you lose out.
  • Take a¬†female friend with you when you meet his friends. He should also do the same.
  • Speak to your friends girlfriends – they probably have more friendly conversation and are probably in your situation!
  • Last but not least speak to your boyfriend because he might also have a suggestion or two!

Good Luck!

One thought on “Boys Conversation

  1. Geraldine

    boys will be boys and talk about boy-things, even when they are older! so you have to find your way round it because they are not going to change their conversation just because one of their friends has a girlfriend along – i would not want that in your place either. Get talking to others in the club, try joining in a conversation, or make friends with the other girls. Alternatively, invite your friends along to the same venue! it should help!

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