New Mum

camille   November 26, 2008   No Comments on New Mum

“I am a new mum and I cannot seem to comfort my baby. It is driving me nuts!”

Most mums often feel stressed with a new baby. You are expected to be overjoyed and ecstatic all the time and it would be the case if new mums were not so sleep deprived. Start by taking all the help that you can get whether it is someone looking after the little one for an hour while you get some rest or even if they make you a cup of tea instead of you offering your visitors who come round to visit the baby!

Babies Cry. It is what they do. Sometimes it can be because they suffer from colic (have this checked out with your health visitor). But often they simply need a cuddle. Wrapping a baby in their baby bedding can be very comforting to the baby.

I would also speak to your health visitor in case you are also suffering a touch of baby blues!

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