A second chance

camille   August 26, 2012   No Comments on A second chance

“I am 70 years old and i got married for the second time 18 months ago. I was married to my first husband for 50 years but found out he was cheating on me for most of our marriage. my second marriage started off good but no he spends all of his time on his lap top, what have i done, where do i go now?”

That must have been hard to find out after sharing so many years together. However you are now in a second marriage and you have a choice to make, do you want to make something of it or do you want to start again? If you think that your marriage is worth saving, then save it. I forever told my parents to go out and enjoy what they worked hard for. They didn’t. My father passed away and enjoyed none of it. What a waste. Life is short and you have been given a second chance at love. Yes, he might spend time on his laptop but let us be honest it is addictive. I too spend many hours on my computer. But you need to take advantage of things. Tell him things like, “I saw an event on at the park this weekend, let’s go!”. Then stop for lunch too. Find things to do regularly and you would be surprised how nice life can become. Sometimes it is all too easy to settle into a routine, but if we can just make the effort, it will change your life. Go and make the most of it!

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