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camille   August 16, 2012   No Comments on No Commuication

“My husband wont communicate he says a good relationship shouldn’t have to i thought conversation is.i am 9 mths preg for a long time he doesn’t touch me he gives me 1 kiss a day on the cheek before work thats takes him 1 hr to get home he doesn’t tell me anything n if i ask he is snappy if i talk to him he ignores me n stares at t.v. I never get a hug even if i ask then when i try to give him 1 he doesn’t hold me back everyday i cry silently. When i talk to him he walks off he wont even look at bed he turns his back,i dont discuss our problems.i told him i dnt wnt anything from him just love.”

My first question to you is was he always like this? How long have you been together? I am asking these questions because they could tell alot. It could also give you food for thought.

You also mention that you are 9 months pregnant. You must be aware that while women go through obvious and dramatic physical and hormonal change, men also go through change though not so apparent. This does not justify his actions but it does mean that there may be an underlying reason for his behaviour.

Personally I believe that communication is paramount to a good relationship. However, communication need not be words only. Sometimes a cup of tea when you are exhausted is communication enough. However if you feel that communication is lacking, then there is an issue. And you might need to bring it up and speak about it.

A word or two of warning. When pregnant, your feelings are multiplied. Try not to take drastic action because hormones often intensify our feelings. You are preparing for a child and you are searching for perfection. Perfection is by defination imperfection as something perfect is unrealistic. Last but not least when the baby comes along, your life will change unrecognisably. You will be tired and exhausted and your hormones will be all over the place particularly the first 6 weeks. Although I do recommend you speak about how you are feeling and how you NEED that hug and a few words of recognition, for both your sake and the baby’s, wait and re-evaluate everything in 6 months time.

Meanwhile, enjoy your baby, you will be amazed just how wonderful it will be and things may just change for the better once the baby is born!





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