camille   August 19, 2012   No Comments on Respect

Its a sad sad situation,same here with me,he comes home past 12 midnight from work,go check and play games in his computer,did not even check me and our kid if we are still alive in the room,just there in the living room so busy on his computer,he knows that Im upset,nothing happened,you think he would stopped on what he was doing?NEVER…like I was just talking to a wall,and then goes to bed,saying he was sorry,I told him,sorry means nothing if you keep on doing the same thing all over again,Im very upset because I always support respected and love him and yet he cannot be man enough to be mature and focus on important things than his computer games.I wish I was just numb,Or maybe one day I will not care anymore,I kept telling him,You can go back to your Mother,.Im upset,he doesnt know how to respect me as his wife.

I think you hit the nail on the head. It is all about RESPECT!

Obviously you still love him very much or you would not be putting up with his behaviour. I also think he loves you too or he would not be apologising. But obviously things are not happy here. I am not sure the best way of getting this but both you and he need to find the time to sit together with NO DISTRACTIONS. Perhaps his mother can babysit for a couple of hours to give you time to deal with it.

You need to prepare for this time. You each need to prepare a list containing the following items:-

  • What you want recognised from each other. It could be as simple as going to work or having made the bed to bigger things
  • What you expect from each other. eg that you spend at least half an hour good quality daily / weekly
  • Where you (not your partner) think you can improve. This is to prepare yourselves for the whole night.

You might be surprised that this little preparation may start to improve things. I wish you both the very best. If things come to a head, leave a comment and I will try to guide you better.


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