How many visitors?

camille   January 24, 2008   1 Comment on How many visitors?

I cannot help but wonder how many visitors actually come to this website, and how many people actually benefit from my advice. I have been thinking of installing a free hit counter but that would only tell me how many people visit the site. It is up to you my visitors to tell me what you think. Do feel free to leave comments and email any problems you have. I cannot promise to answer all problems, but I will do my best.

One thought on “How many visitors?

  1. Geraldine

    Well it’s always exciting to see how many people will come and visit what you have to say, and will also give you an idea of whether your posts are of any interest. this being the case, one must remember we do not have indications of whether the hits were coincidental or otherwise, so they tell you something but tell you nothing at all 🙂

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