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“I have been overweight as long as I can remember. But now I am worried about my health. What can I do?”

There are several stages of being overweight and each stage means different levels of actions should be taken. This would be dependant on your BMI – Body Mass Index. If you BMI is slight above average, the first and most basic steps would be to eat healthily and try to include some exercise.

If you feel you need to lose more than a couple of kilos, you might want to consult your doctor who might be able to recommend more drastic treatment such as medication, gastric banding or liposuction!

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  1. Geraldine

    If you are overweight you will need to exercise for any loss of weight to be seen. Simply reducing your food intake is often not enough. Of course exercise may give you a bigger appetite, so stock up on a lot of healthy items that have less of a tendency to lay on the pounds.

    If the gym does not sound like an attractive proposition, you might wish to start a dance class. Generally there tend to be adult beginner dance classes if you’ve never danced before. Once a week will help but to see more of a difference you could try to make it more often, say twice a week. Don’t overdo it in the beginning – build up slowly.

    And of course, get your dancewear from us – we also cater for larger sizes.

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