camille   June 8, 2009   No Comments on Guilty!!

I am feeling terribly guilty that I have not mantained my site. I was undergoing some medical treatment and as you can imagine the last thing on my mind was keeping my websites updated. I was struggling to keep things running on a normal day to day basis. I think that as a woman, somehow, you have to keep things running smoothly. However, the reality is that something always has to give. In this case, it has meant that I did not keep my site up to date. I will obviously try to get back on track. This does not mean that I think that anyone else’s problems are less than my own. In fact the one thing I did learn was that in order to be able to continue to help others, I needed to see to myself first. On a positive note, all is going well for me on the medical front and hopefully all will go well for you too.

Perhaps on a less interesting note, I have tried to take a look at web hosting providers to see if I can provide you with a better service. I was looking for the best vps hosting that I could find but it made me wonder if it would make much of a difference, especially considering how recently I did not mantain my blog. I did do as much reading as I possibly could but unfortunately bar basic usuage I am pretty much in the dark with technology.

So moving on to things that I do understand, I promise that I will do my utmost to keep Cupidopolis updated at least on a regular basis.

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