camille   August 20, 2012   No Comments on Frustration

“we got married 5 months ago but we are in living relation from last 1 year and 6 months.he is my love,my life everything,but i feel that he neglects me all the time on bed.although he care for me a lot.I am getting frustrated and feel like to die.i don’t want  to tell my husband that  coz he may get hurt.I feel like to cry loudly as soul begging love and accompany.”

Men are simple beings. Honestly. If you do not tell them, then they have no idea. If you do not explain how you are feeling, I guarantee that he will be oblivious to your emotions and he will think you are as content as he is. Speak to him or you will feel more and more hurt until one day you lose it and your husband will be left bewildered as to what happened. He may get hurt and upset when you tell him, but he will be more hurt and upset if you do not tell him and then your relationship gets damaged beyond repair. Would you not prefer if he told you how he felt rather than bottled it up? The same for him. So just tell him how you feel but go gently and pick the right time (not when you are exhausted or on your way out etc).

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