I hate my mum!

camille   August 19, 2007   No Comments on I hate my mum!

“I have just had enough of my mum. She is an interfering busybody. She never lets me do what I want to do. She keeps making come home early while all my friends stay out. She reads my emails and my diary. She won’t even let me lock my door. She never gives me any privacy. I hate my mum!”

Your mum probably really loves you. I know it may seem uncaring and interfering that she is always in your face, but she is only doing it because she loves you. She wants to do everything she can to protect you. She probably is not even sure how she can do it. She is also trying to remain in your life.

Try talking to her and opening up. Tell her how you feel. Show her that there is nothing to worry about and that you can understand her. You will find that as you build a trust together she won’t be so invasive. But remember TRUST is built on respect and loyalty. It is 2 ways. You cannot expect her to trust you if you do things to break her trust.

Do sit down and talk to her. You never know, things can only improve.

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