Stages of Grief

camille   January 11, 2008   No Comments on Stages of Grief

Unfortunately we all pass through loss and bereavement. It is never easy and it is always painful. But time is a great healer. Before we can begin to feel normal, we do need to go through a grieving process. There are 5 stages to getting through your grief.

  1. Denial – This is when you are still in shock and cannot quiet believe that it has happened.
  2. Anger – This stage you get angry about the loss. You feel that it is not fair.
  3. Bargaining – Here you wish you can change places with someone else, or plea for more time. Unfortunately, most bargaining here is pointless or not possible.
  4. Depression – This is when it really hits you and you feel hopeless and often useless. You often feel like there no longer is any point to anything.
  5. Acceptance – This is the final stage, where you finally accept the situation and begin to continue with the rest of your life.

Once you have reached acceptance, this does not mean that you no longer feel pain but that you begin to cope and accept it. Honestly it does get easier. If at any stage, you feel you cannot cope, do speak to friends or family or a counsellor. Speaking about it is a good way to work through your grief and help you cope.

I know it does not sound realistic, but time is a great healer, I promise!

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