Too much TV

camille   November 22, 2007   No Comments on Too much TV

“My three year old watches too much TV! She could happily sit in front of TV all day. She throws a tantrum when she is not allowed to watch TV. So I have to let her watch it!”

You should be made aware that you are the grown up in the relationship and you actually know what is best. As you know you cannot let a child stay all day in front of TV. However you do need to provide alternatives. A walk in the park, help with cooking, reading time, playing with Play Doh etc.

TV can be interesting for them as so much is going on but you do need to limit it. Or they will become couch potatoes. Don’t worry about her throwing a tantrum. It is her way of trying to get what she wants. It will die down in a few minutes when she realises that you are not paying her attention.

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